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Welcome to Sheddington, a community space or shed in Teddington, where people can meet up, make stuff and mend things, working together or alongside each other. It is inclusive, secular and not for profit. 

What is a Shed?

The shed movement can trace its origins back to Australia in the 1980s. The concept was to promote social interaction and wellbeing whilst engaged in practical activites of making and mending in a communal workspace or shed. Initially aimed at men who were retiring or being made redundant, the movement has expanded to include anyone, regardless of age or gender. The UK organisation was founded in 2013 and now counts over 400 sheds among its members. You can find details about it here.


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Sheddington was inspired by Dr Chris Manning, who for many years worked as a GP in the area. His experience of local organisations was that they provided some fantastic services but there were still people who fell between the gaps. He realised they would benefit from being part of something different, not a service, but a co-created community, something that could compliment and signpost, when possible, other services. At its core was a very simple idea, "Doing stuff that we like doing ... together". And so, after months of research, listening to people and building a team, "Sheddington" was born. 

The potential benefits of an organisation like Sheddington are vast. Friendships can develop from the joy of sharing interests and learning. Furthermore, these types of activity can have a tremendous positive impact on physical and mental health. 

Inclusivity, a 'shed' for all, is at the heart of Sheddington; a place where people can go as themselves and just be themselves.  

What Do We Do?

We have a wide range of activities to keep everyone happy and to create a community. Currently we have a workshop on the site of St Mark's Church, Teddington, which is fully refurbished, and access to the church hall on the same site. Current activities are: 

  • DIY: making and mending items
  • Arts and crafts
  • Presentations: general interest and educational/informative
  • Specific activities to promote health and wellbeing such as walks and gardening.
  • Time simply for socialising in a friendly and safe space

Or maybe there is something else that you're interested in or feel you could contribute? If you're not yet a member, why not click on the link below to get in touch? We'd love to hear from you.

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