Final repaired ornate clock

As I write this, the gentle tick-tock of an open-faced clock fills my front room—a sound that almost became a distant dream. My journey to find this timepiece was no short escapade; it was a quest that took me through countless antique shops, each visit ending in a mix of hope and disappointment. That is until one serendipitous day in Wales, where I found a clock that caught my eye—a beautiful, elaborate creation, its hands gracefully ticking away the seconds. Without hesitation, I purchased it for £80, a price that felt like a steal.

The true challenge presented itself when I placed the clock at home, where it suddenly fell silent. Winding it brought only temporary life, minutes at best, before it halted once more. The thought of a costly repair loomed over me, threatening to overshadow the initial joy of my bargain find.

clock to fix at Sheddington

This is where the Sheddington workshop, a hidden gem bustling with skilled craftspeople, came into my narrative. Mark, a resident genius of sorts, took on the challenge of reviving my time-worn treasure. He discovered that the clock's inner mechanics had given way to time, with crucial 'teeth' worn away. Mark proposed a modern solution to an old problem—a quartz mechanism, ensuring the original hands would continue their dance around the clock face.

His suggestion was not one of mere convenience but a thoughtful preservation of the clock's character. Thanks to his deft hands, my clock not only looks the part but sounds it too, steadfastly ticking as the days pass. And all it took was a reasonable donation, a small price for the revival of a beautiful piece of history.

So here's to Mark at Sheddington, whose talents not only saved a clock but also preserved a slice of the past for me to cherish. Thank you, Mark, for your remarkable skill and for ensuring that the tick-tock of my cherished clock continues to mark the passage of time.

Mark Aston Clock Maestro with my clock


12:14, 09 Nov 2023 by Mark Aston