Thanks for checking out this page, we are always delighted to welcome new members.

If you are considering joining we would suggest to visit us a few times first so we can get to know each other and ensure Sheddington is a good fit. Our calendar page gives information about our regular sessions, so just come along to say hello and get an introductory tour of the site. You'll discover a welcoming atmosphere where people come together to engage in a range of activities from making and mending to gardening and socializing.

To join, just speak to our membership secretary Val or another member of our committee on site. Or you can email Val at: There is a short form to complete.

We offer annual membership for £60/year but recognize everyone's circumstances are different and as such we are open to discussing concessions where appropriate.

Membership provides:

  • Access to workshop equipment
  • Skills training
  • Gaining experience in repairing things, how things work
  • Facility to carry out own projects, follow own interests e.g. craft work, woodworking, electronics
  • Regular access to the community garden and garden produce
  • Social activities at Sheddington and offsite e.g. the walking club

We look forward to meeting you!