Waterloo Walk

Earlier this year Sheddie Peter Brown completed the Lambeth Tour Guides Association course and so on Friday 8th December he treated the Shufflers to a guided walk around Waterloo. During his studies he was struck by how many interesting characters had lived, walked or worked in the area between Waterloo and Southwark stations, so the walk took a meandering path between the two stations, introducing a parade of personalities on the way. With the theme 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' they ranged from social reformer and theatre manager Emma Cons via a couple of convicted criminals to the very dubious doctor William Sargent. Afterwards the Shufflers shared a convivial lunch at the Young Vic. 

The Shufflers will be resuming their programme of walks in the New Year with a stroll around Bushy Park on Friday 9th February so do check the calendar for further details. If you would like to join the Shufflers please contact Peter on admin@sheddington.org and ask to be added to our WhatsApp group. 

Happy Shuffling, everyone!

15:26, 15 Dec 2023 by Peter Brown