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The Sheddington community has a number of active musician members. This includes a French horn player, an oboe player and a multi instrumental jazz musician.
They rehearse with others in bands or groups, and perform a wide variety of musical styles.

We recently had a request from one of our regular visitors - a local resident who owns and plays a variety of guitars. His Marshall amplifier was misbehaving, in fact it wasn’t working at all.

A couple of our members have worked in the electronics industry, so they brought this 100 Watt valve combo amp into our small electronics workshop to take a look.
They examined the amplifier, gave it a bit of a once-over and got it back into working order. The owner put it through its paces, declared it fit for purpose, and we helped him get it home. 
Sad to say, some damaged items brought to us for repair are too far gone, or too complex for us to fix, so it’s very satisfying when we’re able to get items like this classic British guitar amp, up and running again.
pump up the volume
10:27, 12 Jan 2024 by Mark Aston