pear, stilton and walnut tart

Did you miss out on a culinary masterpiece at Sheddington's latest gathering? 


Our Treasurer, Rupert Chalk, graced the table with a dish that's as unique as it is delicious: a Pear, Stilton, and Walnut Tart. This creation is not just a testament to Rupert's baking skills but a symbol of the creativity and fellowship that thrives within our community.

Imagine the blend of sweet pears, tangy Stilton, and crunchy walnuts, all encased in a perfectly baked tart. It's a dish that tells a story, one of shared laughs, exchanged stories, and the warmth of being together. Here's to hoping you can join us next time, and not just read about it, but taste the adventure yourself!

Next time you see Rupert, if you ask him nicely I am sure he will share the recipe!

13:07, 12 Feb 2024 by Mark Aston