Greenhouse make

Over the winter we have been busy in Sheddington’s community garden. Our main project was the erection of a greenhouse on the eastern side of our plot. Led by Chris Mieszkowski, a number of members worked out how to assemble a flat pack of parts. We had to make our own base after the one supplied was found to be missing various pieces.

The roof ridge has been decorated by two finials, hand painted by Pat (who decorated the cake mentioned in an earlier blog).

Greenouse artwork by Pat

With the new garden layout we needed a new path, which Chris has now completed. Thanks to Simon and Roger we also have a new ramp.

We are preparing the ground for new plantings and need to start off seedlings in pots. If you would like to help, you would be most welcome on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 10:30 am onwards.

Best wishes,

Dr Hugh Klein - Garden Lead & Trustee

10:31, 23 Feb 2024 by Mark Aston