14 minute yoga nidra

How do you feel when you wake up?

Our resident admins person here at Sheddington who also works as an Integrative Healer, Mentor and Teacher has shared below a little bit about sleep as today is World Sleep Day.  She has kindly also gifted us here at Sheddington one of her newest meditation audios, in the form of a Yoga Nidra to help boost one's energy.

Please enjoy


Justine says:

Sleep can sometimes feel elusive.  Rather than getting obsessed with the quality of sleep through apps, my invitation is to be mindful about how you feel when you wake up?

Do you feel refreshed?  Are you feeling positive?

Or are you thinking OMG just another hour, please?  I feel drained.  I am going to need a pick-me-up!  

There are many reasons why we don’t get quality sleep, most of it ends up stemming from not feeling safe in our bodies, plagued by stress, and past experiences amongst other things, such as medication and changes in life.

To work through this you can employ a therapist or a technique like EFT.  For lighter sleep irregularities Yoga Nidra is brilliant.

Yoga Nidra is a guided form of guided meditation.  It helps you to drop into the deeper brain wave states from where profound healing and rest can occur.  It is where we don’t fall asleep, our body does but our mind remains alert and attentive listening to someone's guiding voice, in this instance, mine.

As such I am gifting you open access to my newest Yoga Nidra, gentle guidance into a forest to find an energy boost, better focus, and clarity.  

It is just 14 minutes long, please wear good quality headphones and ensure you have a quiet comfortable undisturbed space to rest, either sitting or lying down.

This audio is for any daytime use, if you feel drained in the morning, or after lunch when you make those unhealthy choices to boost your energy like the extra chocolate pastry, instead we can simply listen to a yoga nidra.

Please click the image or link below to enjoy and feel free to share this with anyone you love or think needs.

Love Justine xxx

14 minute yoga nidra

11:43, 15 Mar 2024 by Mark Aston