Navigating Creativity as told in the Lifecycle of the Butterfly with Stewart Watson

Saturday 06 June 2020
10:00 to 11:30

Building space and being creative is more than a shed or a studio, it is a network of knowledge, tools and organisation, and sometimes it involves making nothing at all. I’m sharing my creative process journey with you through analogies, images, and thoughts.

Stewart Watson is an artist, curator, educator, volunteer, partner, culture producer, and community leader having moved to Greater London, UK with her family a year ago.

She is an owner, founder and Executive Director of AREA 405 and its accompanying artist studios, having dedicated herself to the creation of community for nearly 2 decades. Her American home is a catalyst for creativity and collaboration, the 66,000 square foot building is a hub for nearly 50 artists in the heart of Baltimore City.

Stewart was born in Pennsylvania, USA receiving her BFA in sculpture from The Pennsylvania State University. She received her MFA from The University of Maryland where she was an Anne Truitt Scholar, Daniel Nicholson Olkhe Award winner, teacher, and became a parent all whilst continuing her responsibilities at AREA 405. She is a Baker Artist Award finalist (2018), Sadat Art for Peace Competition Winner (2010), a Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize finalist (2014), a Trawick Prize Finalist (2004), and recipient of multiple individual artist grants from regional, state and international organisations.

She looks forward to learning, creating, and expanding her connections to communities far and near.

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