Sheddington Allotment Takes Shape

Visitors to the Sheddington site will surely have noticed that the allotment area next to the garages is gradually taking shape, under the direction of Stephen Aras. Here he sets out the plans for the allotment.

The Gardening Project is designed to further our aims and objectives by taking the Sheddington philosophy outside! We are hoping to work together with local   participants to create a garden space and grow new life not only into the St Mark’s Church Grounds but the hearts and minds of those attending. 

Studies show that 82 per cent of those with an outdoor space say it makes them happier; not all those attending Sheddington have a garden but even looking at a gardne can lift the moood, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. Research has also revealed that hospital patients recover more quickly when they are given the chance to look at grass and trees, so Sheddington believe there has never been a better time to get green-fingered!

The area of the allotment is shown by the blue triangle on the map above. We have already completed phase 1 of the project, to clear the site and prepare the soil, using a rotavator and power sieve. We are now starting to mark out beds, as you can see from the photo below:


What Next?

1. We would like to create some compost bins. Using vegetation cleared from the St Mark’s church ground garden other garden waste and manure from the local stables we would like to create our own compost to feed and nurture the earth and grow a variety of vegetables and plants.  

2. We would also like to create some raised beds for more accesible gardening. These can be made from railway sleepers, scaffold boards or pallet collars.

Can You Help?

As the allotment develops, we hope that a Gardening Group will emerge and take on the running the project. We may also be able to offer the facilities to outside charities involved with training gardeners. We may also be able to agree sponsorship so as to procure equipment and plants at reduced rates. 

If you'd like to help, why not get in touch via our contact form? We'd love to hear from you.