All members are required to undergo a site induction when they join Sheddington. This is also an opportunity to tell us us of any special requirements such as allergies or medical needs. Emergency contact information is held on file

Everyone on site is responsible for taking reasonable care of their own and other people's health and safety. If you see anything that poses a risk to anyone's health and safety (e.g trip hazards, frayed cables, poor working practices etc) please speak up and then ensure it gets dealt with, and report it to a committee member.

Safety notices are displayed. Please familiarise yourself with them and with the location of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, the first aid box, accident book and muster point. There are emergency stop buttons around the workshop which will cut all power to the room, If you spend time in the workshop please note their location and don't hesitate to use them if needed.

Risk assessments have been carried out and they are used to inform the procedures and the training that we have in place. Certain equipment is deemed hazardous and requires special training and approval of safe working before an individual can use it. This is labelled accordingly. Sole working on site is not allowed for safety reasons.

Remember to please ask for help and advice if you are unfamiliar with a task, a tool, or a piece of equipment. Ensure appropriate PPE is worn as required. Respect other users ie please don't interfere or distract a person from what they are doing.